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Residential Air Conditioning Services – Painesville, Ohio

Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning provide air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services for the city of Painesville. Our heating and cooling company received an A+ customer rating by the Better Business Bureau. Our dedicated team of HVAC technicians take pride in retaining our relationship with our customers and providing them everything they need for a comfortable home during the hotter months of the year. 

Air conditioning systems can be tricky, and when they are not operating correctly, it will lead to higher electricity costs. Low-efficiency air conditioners can be directly related to higher energy costs, and continuous usage of your failing air conditioner will cause your air conditioner to be unusable quicker taking years off the expected life from when you first purchased it.

Delaying a repair will only lead to expensive replacements, when repairs are no longer an option. Prevent this from happening by getting timely repairs and routine yearly maintenance.

Residential Air Conditioning Repair – Painesville, Ohio

Our heating and cooling company encounters the problem of damaged air conditioners all year long. Air conditioners that break during the hotter and colder months are the most inconvenient. It is important to notice signs and to call an expert to repair your air conditioner when needed.

Common signs that your unit is in need of an air conditioning repair:

  • Air conditioner’s air filters need to be cleaned
  • Air conditioner has problems with the sensors
  • Air conditioner has worn out air fans
  • Air conditioner is leaking refrigerant
  • Air conditioner does not turn on

The problems with having an inefficient or broken air conditioner can cause many economic issues with utility bills, as well as health hazards around your home.

Residential Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement – Painesville, Ohio

If your air conditioner is constantly in need of repairs, not working, and not providing the right temperature then it should be time to consider buying a new one. Like most products, air conditioners do not last forever, they eventually will break down. With regular maintenance, we can prolong this from happening, but eventually all air conditioners will need to be replaced.

Common signs that you need a new air conditioning system – Painesville, Ohio

  • Air conditioning unit has gotten too old
  • Newer more energy efficient models have hit the market – always go with the energy efficient models
  • Air conditioning unit provides inconsistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Air conditioning unit is in a state of needing constant repairs

Our Guarantees Cannot Be Beat – Debord Values Your Time!

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning of Painesville adopts the slogan of “Always On Time, Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!

This means if we are late for a heating or cooling appointment, your scheduled repair will be free. No ifs ands or buts. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in place for all our customers.

What you will get when you hire Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed – We promise you will be satisfied with our installation, but if for any reason you are not within the first year, we will service your unit till it meets your expectations. If, after that, it is still not up to par then we will remove the unit and refund your money.
  • No “Lemon” Guarantee – we offer an exclusive “No-Lemon” guarantee. What this means is, if there is a problem with your compressor or heat exchanger within the first five years of your ownership, we will come a replace the “lemon” with a new unit for free.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed – If you can find a business that matches our guarantees and offers a lower price we will match
  • Upfront Pricing – Our straight forward pricing system means a comprehensive estimate and job description for your review – BEFORE the work begins. There’s no worry about hours spent … and no costly surprises for you!

Debords One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning also provides air conditioning repair services for the cities of Chardon, Mentor, and surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio.

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