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Residential Furnace Services – Chardon, Ohio

The furnace acts as the heart of your heating system. Your furnace provides essential to providing heat throughout your home. If your furnace were to breakdown or fail to operate at its highest efficiency, it could spell many problems for your home and your finances.

Continuing to operate a broken or damaged furnace can lead to higher energy bills and take away years of operating life from your unit making it ineffective many years sooner.

It is important to have routine maintenance on your furnace to prevent any serious repairs from happening and to save you money on replacing your unit too soon.

The dedicated staff at Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning will treat your furnace like it’s one of our own that is used for our family.

We promise to protect your investment and deliver to you all the years of experience we have accumulated in our 30year history in the industry.

Residential Furnace Repair Services – Chardon, Ohio

Understanding your furnace: Three Components

  • Igniter: Used to ignite natural gas or propane
  • Burner: Where fuel mixes with air to create combustion
  • Heat Exchanger: Where colder air is warmed and comes out using a blower


If any of these components is not working properly, your furnace is not running at its optimal efficiency and should be inspected for any necessary repairs.

Call Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning for an experienced HVAC technician that can diagnose your furnace’s problems and provide you with the best options for repairing your furnace system. (440) 286-1004

Residential Furnace Installation & Replacement Services – Chardon, Ohio

As your furnace ages, it is susceptible to breaking down and at a certain point of its product lifecycle the furnace will need to be replaced.

This is usually the case when the furnace is displaying more serious problems like leaking carbon monoxide. This is a gas that cannot be seen or smelled, so it is important to call a technician who has access to the right diagnostic equipment to inspect your home if you have these suspicions about your aging furnace system.

It is also beneficial always to replace your furnace when a higher efficiency one is released to the public. More innovative and energy efficient technology in the HVAC industry is bound to save you money and energy in the long run.

HVAC Technicians who are BBB Accredited in Chardon Ohio. We offer guaranteed Furnace Inspections

Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning we treat your home like it was our home, and we never skimp on the service. We put our customers first, and we understand that establishing trust is the first step to any professional relationship.

The Better Business Bureau has officially certified Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning as a trusted service provider since 1989. To acquire this certification, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning needed to pass a series of tests that displays our commitment in providing the best and most ethical service out there.

Debord Guarantees 100% Satisfaction in Chardon Ohio and Surrounding Areas

“Always On Time, Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!” That is the slogan we have adopted here at Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.

This slogan reflects our 100% customer guarantee. If we are ever late for a furnace inspection, repair, or installation, your service is free with no exceptions.  All our technicians come with a fully stocked blue or yellow truck equipped with everything needed in our power to provide you’re the convenience of same day service.

Debord’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is always on-call and ready to be of service for the residents of Chardon, Mentor, Painesville and the surrounding area.

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